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Kirsten & Gerard Wedding Blog at the Beautiful Oakfield Farm Wedding Venue Rated #1

Gerard and Kirsten fit together like a hand and a glove.
We first met them at their Engagement Shoot (LINK) in Bryanston Pine FOREST (LINK) , and could immediately see how beautifully they matched each other.



The Big Day took place at the scenic Oakfield Farm Wedding Venue. The wedding day started smoothly, with Kirsten looking absolutely stunning. From early in the morning, she looked relaxed and ready for her big day. She was surrounded with her bridesmaids looking equally as excited and ready to help Kirsten to prepare.

Her dad couldn’t hold back his tears when he first saw his daughter in her Wedding gown. He was overjoyed to be taking his daughter onto the horse-drawn carriage, through to the Chapel.

Gerard’s cool and Confident demeanour carried through from his preparation through to the Ceremony, but he couldn’t hold back his tears when he saw his beautiful bride-to-be.


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The ceremony was conducted by Gerard’s dad, and was a very emotional event for all attendees. The joy of the day was evident throughout the day.


The wedding Ceremony was amazing, a celebration of the Couple’s love for each other and honoring Christ by their marriage.

The ceremony was followed by the photos of family and friends, the bridal entourage and then the bridal couple alone. We were really spoilt for choice for locations, as Oakfield have so many amazing options available.


The Reception was beautifully decorated with a wide array of flowers and cream-white drapery overhead.
Through all the heart-felt tributes and tear-filled speeches, it was clear that Gerard & Kirsten were meant for each other, despite the difficult work and studying circumstances they had gone through in their courtship.


And to celebrate the joyous occasion? An absolutely amazing party enjoyed by young and old alike.

Watch the Video Montage of the Wedding here: