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meek media is a Sandton Media Agency servicing a wide-array of Individuals, Couples and Businesses with Professional, High-impact products across Photography & Videography. We specialise in Weddings, Portraits and Corporate  work.


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Hi There!

My name is Kevin, and it’s always a genuine pleasure to meet someone new.

I am Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer who thoroughly enjoys Art. I’m also a Qualified Chartered Accountant, and have a passion for Business. Meek Media is where the Creative Entrepreneur finds its home 😊

Weddings make me emotional, and you will always catch me with a giddy look on my face while capturing the Memories of a Couple sharing their vows with one-another.

Great Images and Portraiture warm me up inside. And if I pair that with meeting strangers and making them life-long friends? Well, that’s something you can’t put a price tag on!

Beneath the surface, Meek Media is the fruits of a passion which I share with my wife, to tell beautiful stories which make the world a richer place to live in. From our hearts, it is the fulfillment of a dream to serve others and deliver excellence We believe that every person has a story to tell, irrespective of social status, creed or colour. And unless you are part of the small minority of people on the earth who will have a biography written about themselves, then your story will never be told in a way that the World needs to hear and see it., We aim to be burden-lifters, making a (positive) impact wherever we are, with whoever we are interacting with. 

Jesus is the foundation on which we have built meek media. We give our best to Honour Him through our Relationships and our Work.

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  1. 1. to always turn to God for help, for direction, for training and for the sheer joy of His blessing
  1. Confident but not arrogant, humble but not weak

At our Core, we are Storytellers

I’ve always had a passion for capturing memories and telling stories, from a young age. Every other day you would find me either journaling, reading and drawing comic books (ahem, Graphic Novels), poring over books at the Library or working out song lyrics and melodies on my Casio piano keyboard.

 I had realized very early, how words, imagery and sound could be woven together to tell beautiful stories that could transcend and outlive our lives on earth.

My parents passed away while I was still a child, and they lived in the pre-smartphone era. My dad was a hobbyist photographer, always behind the lens and hardly in front of it. My mom, despite her beauty, never liked being in front of the camera. So now, fast forward more than 20 years, and I all I have a head of fading memories and a handful of priceless photos to try and remember them by.

 Stories Matter. Memories matter.

My mission and passion in life is to tell Stories through my camera, music and my words.

Having a background in Business, I am able to understand the subtle nuances that Business requires. As a Corporate Photographer, I bring a modern and fresh approach to showcasing you, your team and your business.


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I love Jesus, He’s the one who has saved my soul and given me this amazing life, and beautiful wife.

I am married to Meghan,
the Love of my Life, where every year my relationship with her just gets sweeter and deeper. God has truly given me the one my Soul adores, who is my Day-One, my biggest supporter.

Christian and Luke, my two Boys, keep me grounded and in awe of God’s creativity. These kids give me deeper insight into God’s love for me as a child.

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