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Makiti | Gorgeous Wedding Venue

Makiti Wedding Venue couple under arch

Makiti Wedding Venue is a gem nestled within the Cradle of Humankind, in the Kromdraai valley west of Muldersdrift. While the venue itself has manicured gardens and stunning facilities, it doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of the surrounding Sterkfontein caves area.
Large trees and extensive foliage surround the slow-flowing river which cuts through the 500,000m2 estate, where space and ease are entrenched throughout

 Famous scenic locations would include the wooden bridges over the lake areas, fountains and “bird-cages”, and with Archways and Pillars across the Gardens.

Banquet Venue Locations

There are three formal  Banquet Venues/Halls on the property. And there is ample parking, unique photography locations and space to cater for all guests even when all venues are booked. All the Banquet halls are similar in having rustic face-brick walls, elegant tiling throughout and generally ceilings with Open-rafters.


(Guests 60-450pax)

The sunset Wedding Venue accommodates for both intimate weddings and larger joyous parties. The space is huge, with High ceilings. The Banquet hall feels generous and uncluttered, giving lots of space between tables to breath.

There is a foyer connecting this banquet hall to the Formal Chapel.



(Guests: 60-300pax)

The Ballroom Wedding venue is linked with the Intimate Chapel with thatch roof. The wooden pews, red carpet and dimly lit venue are inviting and create a truly beautiful ambience for the Bridal couple to share their vows. The foyer links to the Venue area, which is spacious with a thatched ceiling and open rafters.



(Guests 40-80Pax)
The smallest venue at Makiti, the Ennyani Banquet hall is suited for small and intimate weddings. It does have a great view of the beautiful gardens and scenic surroundings from the stone veranda. The Main table for the Bridal couple is at front  centre, with guests’ tables being seated near the Bridal party. Classic and cozy.

Chapel Locations

Makiti boasts three different Chapel locations, which are paired up with the Banquet Venue Locations upon agreement with Management.



Larger in size, this chapel also has wooden pew area but more space in the front of the chapel area, which may be more accommodating for wedding entourages with more members. There is a side-door through which guests will enter and leave. The Main-doors at the back of the chapel are linked to the foyer and Sunset Venue. These Main doors will be the entrance area for the groom and the bride. However, it works bests for the Bridal couple to exit via the side-door into the outdoor area where guests can celebrate with the Bridal couple, with confetti/bubbles/etc. Suitable for all-year use.


018 meekmedia 176 CayleMeghan Wedding


The chapel is accessed by guests through the bridge over the lake area, into a descending seated outdoor space similar to an Amphitheatre. 
The groom and bride have an option of walking to front of the chapel, either over the bridge, or through the side stoned walkway. The stoned walkway may be considered if there are concerns about access, high-heels, etc.
The chapel is beautiful and really does have a dreamy feel to it. Though a PA system is used, the sound of the river may be distracting to guests.
The Forest area is exposed to the weather elements, so plan carefully for use of this Chapel for extremes (cold/hot temperatures, rain, etc). Probably more suitable for Autumn and Spring months.



Wooden pews, soft lighting, Red-carpets down the middle of the aisle. This chapel area has an intimate feel, smaller than the Traditional venue, but cozier for guests. There is one main set of doors from which guests and the bridal party will enter and leave. Suitable for all-year use. 



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Consideration should be given to the overnight accommodation for after the Wedding Celebrations (considering travelling home late at night, and safety especially when alcohol is consumed). Makiti offers a variety of Lodgings with a buffet-breakfast included for most of the options.
The variety of availabilities include “Riverhouse” (11-sleeper),  “Bush Cottage” (10-sleeper), and a number of 4-sleepers, double-sleepers and 2-single-sleepers in separate rooms. Depending on the room selected, it may include a Kitchen and individual patio area.



Makiti offers a variety of pricing options to cater for a variety of budgets and guest lists, catering requirements and time of year. Their prices are subject to change depending on availability and can be confirmed here.


Other Considerations for Makiti

Makiti offers in-house catering, decor design to suit your Wedding themes, as well as PA-systems and DJs. One of the most important considerations is to have a Professional Photographer and Videographer to capture all the great moments that you and your guests will share. MEEK MEDIA has a great portfolio and experience, with significantly high 5-star ratings on Google and Facebook.