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Luke: Year One

Baby; spitting; cute

Today, one year ago, my second son was born.

Luke Wayne Botes. 10pm on 20 August 2018.

God has shown us immeasurable Grace through Luke’s life. I thought we were Loved-out after Christian was born, but yet we found that there was so much more place for love for this tiny new addition.

We have come through a year of change and growth, watching this baby transform into a griewelike joy-FULL  toddler.  As he grows as a child, so do I grow as a father. And I also grow as a child of my Father. Each week provides me with a better appreciation for the Gospel I have accepted, about a Father’s love for his children.

A year has FLOWN by, but I’m not surprised by that…I think the craziness of that day in August is still a reminder to me of the crazy pace of our lives in this Modern Age.

Here’s how I remember that day….

Contractions start before 7am. But there’s no time to relax and enjoy the process, as Meghan (my wife) had to be strong because:

*At 9am we met in Krugersdorp at the Rocky Valley campsite with Derek (the owner), to humbly request partner with them to host a detox camp for kids from our local community who are addicted to sucking glue (6years old to 11 year-Olds). After miraculously getting buy-in from Rocky-Valley (we hosted that camp later in September), we drove back home to collect our bag which we prepped for Luke’s birth. But we first, we needed to make a quick-stop;

*11am meeting with the Real Estate Agent (Annette) , to sign an Offer to Purchase on our soon-to-be New Home. While negotiating and discussing, Annette freaks out as we see Meghan’s contractions get stronger. Once again, God allows us favor to get a good price and to sign.

*We head off to Genesis Clinic at 12pm, as Contractions start to increase. Then 10 more hours of labour, a birth-pool and lots of Perseverance and strength from Meghan. And there he appeared, born into water and love 😍

We love you Luke. I hope that as you read these words one day, you will have a better insight into the Beautiful blessing you are in our lives. May the Good Lord Jesus be your Number 1.

LUKE 2:40

“And the child grew and became strong,

he was filled with wisdom,

and the grace of God was on him”


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