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z Usambara Venue

Usumbara is a personal favourite for us, having photographed numerous weddings and events at this location. It’s also where Kevin & Meghan got married, so it’s also loaded with sentimental value as well.

This is a beautiful wedding Venue in Johannesburg. The variety of sites and locations at Usumbara are what sets it apart from many other venues. Depending on the size of your event, number of guests, and how big you want your dancefloor to be (yes, this is a VERY Important consideration!), Usumbara caters for your needs.





Mponde Reception is for larger Weddings and events, with newly-renovated tiling throughout which gives the Reception a very modern feel. The exposed rafters of the roof creates a magical lighting setup for the Bridal couple to show-off to their guests. The bar area and serving section are all interlinked to the main Reception area, so guests are not affected if the weather outside is not ideal. There is a large styled mirror near the Main table, which is a great backdrop for styled photos as well as for cake-cutting for the Bridal couple.



The Magali Reception Area is located at the further end of Usumbara, a secret tucked-away location which can seat between 90 to 150 guests. The dance-floor area is spacious despite the size. The thatched-roof is well-lit with dimmable bare-bulb globes, which can be dimmed and brightened to set the necessary ambience for the occasion.




The Amani chapel is directly located alongside Usumbara’s famous landscaped-gardens. The roof of the chapel is thatch with the exposed rafters giving a rustic look, helping to regulate temperatures during the warmer and cooler months in the Highveld area. The large windows allow lots of light in and give the guests stunning views of the surrounding greenery and water-features in the garden. The venue hosts up to 200 guests comfortably



The Formal chapel is a beautiful-take on the classic church wedding. There are stained-glass windows, a light scenic pulpit area for the Bridal couple’s vows, and two sets of large wooden doors: One set on the side of the chapel for guests to enter, and the Main doors at the back of the chapel for the Bridal Party to enter through. The wooden pews are originally from Netherlands and have been maintained to it’s original glory. This is Paired  with the large chandaliers overhead and iconic red-carpet for the bride to walk down the Aisle. And not forgetting the church bell in front of the chapel area, which rings for the arrival of the Bride to meet her Groom. The venue capacity is 300 guests.



The outdoor Forest venue is absolutely stunning in both the cooler autumn and warmer spring months. The Wedding Aisle is flanked by a forest of trees, with the guests seated on benches inbetween the beautiful foliage. The Podium is partially covered by a Trelliswork roof offering shade to the Bridal couple. There are large wooden doors opening into the venue, to allow for the suspense of the Bride’s arrival.


Usumbara offers specialised services and provisions for Muslim Weddings, which sets it apart from many other venues in Johannesburg, particularly on the West Rand. Their outdoor venue in their gardens are specially transformed to cater for Nikah and Walima, while the larger indoor venues are also available for Salaah for the men.

Wudu can be performed at the Ablution facilities.



The base costs for the venue are dependant on the reception area (which in itself is also considerate of the number of guests you have), as well as the catering options.

Pricing for the Reception areas range from xxxxxxxxx, but these can vary depending on the day selected (Midweek, Weekend, Public Holiday). The respective Chapel areas can be paired with the Reception Areas.

Catering is designed around your needs, and can be tailored for your tastes, whether you would prefer flavourful rich meals, or crispy light meals.



You can also rent audio visual equipment, which includes a portable sound system, microphones, staging and other gear.

The Conservatory’s executive chef can customize menus for your reception dinner, whether you prefer flavorful, rich meals or crispy, light foods.

You can also choose from a wide selection of preferred vendors, such as florists as well as other businesses that specialize in invitations, equipment, cakes, hotels and other services.

Probably your most important vendor is the photographer you select for your wedding day. Instead of worrying about your wedding photos, choose Style and Story to capture your day and help create memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us and learn more about our wide range of services.