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my son, and The Son (14/04/2017)

This day, 1 year ago, my life changed.

I had been learning the art of being a team since getting married two years before. I was learning about sharing, and giving up selfish ways…

And then this little human being entered my world.

If being married was the lesson on being selfless, this was the practical exam lol. Suddenly, at 11:30 in Saxonwold, I became a father (and no, there were no Guptas present ;-). Nothing could (sufficiently) prepare me for the chaotic fun which I would experience over the 12 months since that minute.

The surreal feeling of receiving this blessing was coupled with sleepless nights, cabin-fever from being stuck indoors, and nappies… so many, stinky stinky nappies. Nobody can sufficiently prepare you for the feeling of not having sleep. It’s like trying to explain the pain of getting a tooth removed without any anesthetic. Ouch.

But there was nothing (absolutely nothing), that could prepare us for the joy we would experience. If you’re not a parent yet, I don’t think you’ll get it. And if you don’t have God as your own father, you’ll probably miss so much of the blessing as well.

Christian Kevin Botes. Our son, our beautiful little boy. Completely dependent on us, yet daily gaining his independence. His learning curve is steep: going from completely helpless, to turning over, sitting up straight, crawling then walking and now kicking a ball.

It’s changed me. I love him so much as his father, on levels he doesn’t even grasp yet. And then I consider how much God loves me, no questions asked. I watch how he has needs and pains and discomfort, yet he sleeps peacefully knowing that his parents are with him and tomorrow is another day. And then I see > My needs: My Father.

I’ve changed. Deadlines, rush hours, worries and expenses. They don’t poison my life anymore. Because I look at my son, and I know that the simple things that matter, should be the only things that matter. Playing outside, dancing, family, storytime, woofs and meows and moooooos. And brushing teeth. Essential.

I’m changing. Every day as a father, I begin to understand a bit more about the Father’s love for us. My Father, on this same day two millennia ago, allowed His own Son to die. A Son He loved, willingly sacrificed for the sons and daughters He loves. How can we ignore such a great love? Its life-changing.

And as I let go of my own independence, my stress and other problems of the day will be wiped away by my Father, like a stinky stinky nappy. Even the really bad and stormy days I experience… As I’ve learnt from the proverbial itsy-bitsy spider, the Son does come out and dry up all the rain.

So in conclusion, I pray and say thank You Father for blessing me with my son. And Thank You Father for blessing me with Your Son. May we all accept the life-changing power of Christ, this Good Friday.

1 John 3:1 (NIV)

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him (Jesus Christ).